Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I have about 3 months left of my assignment and I still don't understand:


I got stuck at work and raced home in an attempt to make it to the pool. But the pool closes at 830. Why can't it close at 9? 9 is normal. 830 is like...annoying. I was walking out the door at 805 and came back in frustration. When things close here, they are SHUT. Seriously they turn off the lights in the grocery store when it closes. At 7pm. So I could bet you anything that had I tried to get just a 15 minute swim in, they would have denied me even to get in.

Other annoying things:

A light blew out in my kitchen, or should I say, THE light, and I can't get another one because the stupid store is closed. So I had to cook in the dark.

I am out of toothpaste and conditioner. Again, I cannot go to the store. I realize I can go to the corner store but I don't want the random brands. I want MINE that I normally get, at a normal store, that is open at normal times!!!

To top it off I now get to go to the laundromat. The bane of my existence!!!

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Miz K said...

Hah yes - we know your pain! That took several months of getting used to as well as a stockpile of basics after forgetting food one too many times. I've had a ton of practice adapting recipes when I found out I was one ingredient short and everything was closed... like using polenta to bread blackened chicken the other night - eek!